Beautiful Leaves

 One leaf...  One imprint...  One of a Kind.... This red Oak leaf was found in the North Georgia Mountains. The real leaf was pressed into moist clay to capture its “One of a Kind” imprint! There will never be another one like this leaf. Save 10% when you purchase leaves at … [Continue reading]

Apple Cake

Mrs. Grapell's Apple Black Walnut Cake  Every since I was a little girl I have loved Mrs. Grapell's apple cake. Her son would bring it to our cottage prayer meeting every Thursday night when the apples were coming in. It was an all around favorite.  When I grew up and got married, Mrs. Grapell … [Continue reading]

The Clay Shack!

Welcome to our Clay Shack! What a blessing this little metal building has been. Almost all the materials and furnishing are used, reclaimed, or … [Continue reading]

Leaf Hunting

Greeting Leaf Lovers! Growing up and raising my boys in the Appalachian Mountains has been nothing but pure Joy for me. I love to go on walks with my … [Continue reading]