Uniqueness Disclosure

Each and every piece of pottery made by Muddy Moses and Mom are unique.

When you order a piece of our pottery off our website please take into consideration that all our soap dishes, spoon rest, leaves, and individual pieces are hand made and NO two will be truly the same. We will do our best to fill your order with an item that is as similar to the photo representing the item as possible.

  • The clay’s thickness, the shape, the stamp and the color can vary ever so slightly because each on is individually made and glazed by hand.
  • The clay color can vary depending on its location in the kiln and the temperature it reached, when it was fired.
  • The glaze color can be different shades again depending on the temperate it reached and where it was located in the kiln.
  • Please be aware that all computers and electronic devices may show the items colors in a different tone than it really is.
  • Every piece we make is made with non-toxic clay and glazes. All our pottery is microwaveable, dishwasher and food safe!

Moses and I want you to enjoy your treasures and be happy with your all purchases. However, if you find that you are truly unhappy with your unique purchase, Please don’t hesitate to contact us at muddymosesandmom@yahoo.com so we can resolve the issue quickly.

Enjoy and God Bless, Mom