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The Journey of a Leaf!!

Join Moses and Miss Jenny on a special journey delivered right to your in-box. We will be creating a “one of a kind” potter’s journey of a leaf’s transformation from a fallen leaf to a stoneware treasure!

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Freshly picked North Georgia Mountain Leaves are pressed into moist clay. The leaf’s shape is cut out and allowed to dry. The clay leaf is kiln fired twice.  The first firing burns away the original leaf leaving its unique imprint. Then the clay leaf is dipped into glaze and the final firing transforms it into a one of a kind keepsake from the Mountains.

march leaves 116


Each leaf was picked in the North Georgia Mountains while Miss Jenny & her boys go for their daily walks. Each leaf is one of a kind & unique. No two leaves are alike. Each dish is made with non toxic clay & glazed with a food safe glaze.

When you leave the Mountains…take a “one of a kind” leaf!