Making a Dish!

Let us walk you threw the clay’s transformation process as it becomes a creative work of art!

To make a dish…

Step One: Each and every one of  Muddy Moses and Moms clay creations start out as a humble lump of clay. The clay is cut, wedged, and rolled into a brand new shape.

moses cutting clay


Step Two:  Once the moist clay is flat, we begin to trace out the  pattern of the soap dish, Carefully cutting our shape out.

clay lumpsboy hands cutting out soap dish

Step Three: The cut out is then stamped with our name sake. It is them turned over and stamped with its own personal stamp of an animal, flower, reptile ect… the possibilities are endless.stamped fish

Step Four: The clay cut out is then molded into drying trays. It needs to completely dry out. Once dry we will un-mold and wipe the clay dish down to eliminate any shape edges.molding sd


Step Five: Into the kiln the dry dishes go! They will fire up to 1915 degrees. This is called a Bisk fire!!

green soap dishes in kiln

Step Six: The bisked soap dishes are ready to be dunked into buckets of Mr. TJ’s aka dad’s special glazes. The bottoms must be waxed so they don’t stick to the bottom of the kiln.

phone dump3.22.2016 414 phone dump3.22.2016 406 phone dump3.22.2016 323

The stamp images on the dishes are all hand painted, thus making each one of them unique!

moses painting

Step Seven: This time the mud and mineral covered dishes will return to the kiln to be fired up to 2185 degrees. During this glaze firing the dish is transformed into a beautiful stoneware work of art.

Check out the before and after pictures!!

phone dump3.22.2016 358 phone dump3.22.2016 473

Step Eight:  Time to Enjoy!! All of our clay creations are timeless treasure.We see each one of them, as a direct reflection of our families’ passion… one that is inspired by the creativity of making memories, working together, learning life skills, and teaching traditional values.

soap dish photo

Making a soap dish can be a messy but rewarding task! Moses and I love to work with the clay and see it changes shape and take form. Moses has the best of both world… Dad is a folk potter who loves to throw on the wheel and Mom loves to hand-build.  Working with clay is  a transformation process that keeps us humble as we know… we are just works of clay ourselves.  I love how Isaiah 64:8 sums this up! But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.  

Enjoy and God Bless,

Mom and Moses