Beautiful Leaves

 One leaf…  One imprint…  One of a Kind….

This red Oak leaf was found in the North Georgia Mountains. The real leaf was pressed into moist clay to capture its “One of a Kind” imprint! There will never be another one like this leaf.

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This One Leaf…

 A single red oak leaf is rolled into soft clay. It is then pressed, shaped, and molded into a dish. Once dry, it is kiln fired to burn away the leaf, leaving only ash and an imprint. This one leaf is then dipped in a foul concoction of spent ash and a mix of muddy minerals called wood ash glaze. Again it is returned to the kiln, fired to an even hotter temperature with the sole purpose of bringing out the beauty of the ashes and the imprint left behind!

  • Each leaf is made with non toxic clay & glazed with a food safe glaze.

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe

It’s such a joy to be able to share this “Red Oak” leaf with you. It was picked by the Stevens family on one of our many walks in the North Georgia Mountains.It is our simple hope… that you can enjoy the beauty of the Mountain leaves all year long.  Enjoy and God Bless, Moses and Mom